Maintenance Guide


You’ve just bought a new home, how exciting! Now how to take care of it? This guide is intended to help you familiarize yourself with the operation and maintenance of your new home. Inspecting your home regularly and following good maintenance practices are the best way to protect the investment you’ve made. 

Please be sure to read all operation and maintenance manuals that are left in your home at closing, as this manual is meant to supplement, not replace, the manufacturers’ information.

In order to maintain the warranty provided with your home, we suggest any additional construction be performed by a licensed contractor. Always be sure to obtain guidelines from a licensed engineer, apply for necessary permits, and comply with all codes and safety requirements. You will also want to contact your homeowner’s association board before making any changes to the exterior of your home (if applicable). 

Many areas of home maintenance (such as electrical work, entering an attic, or climbing on roofs and ladders) are best left to the professionals. Always use licensed contractors for any tasks you feel uncomfortable performing. Saving a few dollars is never worth a trip to the hospital.

New Home Maintenance

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Seasonal Home Maintenance