Tips and Advice

Home Buyer's Guide

As you wait for your home's completion date here are some ideas to keep you busy until the day arrives.

1. Declutter and start packing - Set aside time each day to declutter and pack 3 – 4 boxes. Have a give-away box and trash bag with you. It's best to take one small area at a time so a job isn't left half done which can begin to feel overwhelming.

2. Research movers - Find a reputable moving company in your area and find out how far in advance you may need to reserve their services. 

3. Arrange for homeowners insurance - Contact at least three companies to compare coverage.

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4. Refrain from large purchases - If you are depending on a mortgage to purchase your property and to move in, contact your lender before making any large purchase. By purchasing items such as furniture, appliances, or vehicles, it could cause your closing to be delayed or denied. Inquiries on your credit report or additional debt on your credit card could cause problems with your application.

An increase in your debt to income ratio reduces the amount of monthly income available for your home so it could affect your purchase amount. Better to be safe than sorry.

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It’s always difficult to wait, but just know it takes time to build a quality home. Every step is extremely important and one step must be completed and inspected before the next one can be started. Take comfort in knowing Conner Homes has been building homes in the local area for over 60 years. That legacy is the result of providing a quality home and the responsive service you expect.

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