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What is Conner Homes Limited Warranty

At Conner Homes, we take great pride in the homes we build, and our commitment to delivering a quality home. We also understand that life happens, and things can go sideways when you least expect them. If an issue arose, our new home warranty is our promise to you that we will stand behind our workmanship.

You’ll be happy to learn that your home is constructed with quality, energy-efficient materials and installed by trusted vendor partners under careful supervision. So rest assured they will help keep your new Conner home in tip-top shape.

How long is Conner Homes Limited Warranty?

What does Conner Homes Limited Warranty cover?

Our 3 part warranty program is specifically designed to provide coverage to both most critical technical components of the home and specific aesthetic elements that will allow your home to look and perform at its best.

During the first year of occupancy, our team of trained technicians will be available to answer questions, review concerns, or make adjustments to certain components of your home.

Year two warranty covers electrical, plumbing, and HVAC supply systems within the walls of your home.

From floor to ceiling we want to make sure everything is properly maintained and looking good. That’s why our ten-year structural warranty provides coverage for a specific range of technical support components such as foundations, floor, wall, and roof framing systems.

Who do I contact if something happens?

Conner Homes has a dedicated customer care team to service your requests. Warranty service requests are coordinated through our customer care department after you create and log into the homeowner portal.

We value the relationships built with our homeowners and stand by the quality standards we used to deliver your home, and that shows in our commitment to warranty service.