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Selling with Integrity: Why Selling Your Land to Conner Homes is the Right Choice!

If you’re a landowner, you likely know that now is a good time to sell. Watch this compelling video to learn more about the land acquisition program with Conner Homes.

What types of land Conner Homes is looking to buy:

We’re looking for unique pieces of land where we can create great communities.

We deal with land that is within the urban growth boundary, zoned for residential use. We convert a raw piece of ground that is not a subdividable piece of property and build great homes on it.


Why you should consider selling to Conner Homes:

We create great neighborhoods. We create places for people to grow their family, create memories, build wealth, and all of this is great for the community. 

If you’re considering selling and are exploring options, consider doing that with a company that has one of the longest standing relationships as a home builder. 

We plan on being a steward of your land and responsibly developing that land and creating beautiful homes.


The land selling process:

It’s important that we are transparent about the entire process of selling your land, how we value it, and next steps. Because we’re an end user, we have in mind what we want to build on that land and will provide the highest value to the seller.

Working with Conner Homes is an advantage over other developers because we are local, we can make quick decisions and keep the customer informed, treat them with respect, and act with integrity.

Seller experiences:


“Conner was great in terms of working with us to solve for our problems. Other developers that we had approached had no interest in dealing with the existing homes on the property and trying to find a way around working that issue out… Conner was great to work through the whole process.” – Scot Jarvis, Seller


“It wasn’t until meeting Michael that we finally felt comfortable with somebody who would follow through with the whole plan and didn’t want to just do a resale real fast. Everything has been very fair and very open. So yes, I would definitely recommend Conner Homes.” – Debby and Steve Skagen, Sellers

Let us help you find a successful transition into the next chapter of your life.

Contact Ty Pendergraft, Senior Vice President of Land Acquisition, with a no obligation conversation to discuss options you have in developing your land.

Featured in video:

Ty Pendergraft, Senior Vice President of Land Acquisition

Michael Lorenz, President

Charlie Conner, Founder and Advisor

Scot Jarvis, Seller

Debby and Steve Skagen, Sellers