Our Homes

Honoring Conner Homes history and dedication to Pacific Northwest families

Customers at the Forefront of Design

Home design trends may change, but our legacy remains steady. From building affordable homes for first time buyers, to luxury home in the most desired neighborhoods, Conner Homes has always had an eye on customer needs.

Founded in 1959, Conner Homes has been dedicated to building homes that reflect the Pacific Northwest customer. In an article from The Seattle Times November 4, 1988 issue, Bill Conner shares how personalized the homes are for individual homebuyers, “many homes are sold because the client has a choice. Sometimes, in fact, a buyer essentially ends up with a custom home by adding a series of changes or upgrades.” Through the years we’ve learned what people want most in a home and now many of those changes or upgrades are built in from the start. We call it the Conner Difference.

Our award-winning designs are a testament to our relentless pursuit of extensive pre-planning, market research, spacious and thoughtful floorplans, meticulous field supervision, exacting attention to detail, careful cost control, and superior after-sale service.

Because finding the perfect harmony of a beautiful, cutting-edge home, while maintaining usable spaces is what we’re all about.

Conner Homes single-family home circa 1986

Relationships with Local Business & Our Community

As the longest running local home builder in the greater Seattle area, Conner Homes knows how important it is to support local, small business. The neighborhoods we build are made better by the local businesses within those communities. Lifting one another up is important to Conner Homes. We’ve done it for decades and continue doing it today. Especially during these particularly hard times where small businesses have had to overcome pandemic-related hurdles, we want to support them wherever we can. Stay tuned for more blogs featuring small businesses or check out our social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) to see some we’ve already featured.

We believe it is vitally important that we give back to our own community. That’s why over the years, we’ve worked with a variety of Pacific Northwest based organizations donating our time and our resources, involving many members of our team as we reach out to make others better and stronger. Some of those organizations include: Northwest Harvest, Friends of Youth, Wellspring Family Services, Mary's Place, The Forgotten Children's Fund, Vision House, Hopelink, Habitat for Humanity, Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties

Conner Homes staff and friends supporting The Forgotten Children’s Fund, December 2019.

Environmentally Conscious Home Builds

From the start, Conner Homes has been dedicated to building sustainably. An early pioneer in energy conservation, Conner Homes established Earth Sense in 1994 – before Energy Star was even a thing. Earth Sense lives on today, implementing smart technologies in our homes and communities that are not only environmentally sound but conserve energy, power, and waste.

Today, we have an abundance of Earth Sense features that help homeowners conserve. Everything from smart lighting to a wi-fi enabled thermostat. With every home we build, we maximize efficiencies and utilize state of the art technologies to make every house smart for the home buyer, and smart for the environment. For the full list of Earth Sense features and innovations by Conner Homes, click here.

An article from the Seattle Times about our Earth Sense program in 1994. This program has adjusted to incorporate more advanced technologies to make every house smart for the home buyer, and smart for the environment.

The team at Conner Homes is honored to build and define an industry that has changed our region. It’s been a breathtaking journey, but the best is yet to come.