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What it Means to be a New Construction Home Builder in Seattle

When it comes to local home landscape in Western Washington, Conner Homes has had a significant impact. Our team has been creating great neighborhoods and customer experiences since 1959 with three core values that distinguish our excellence:

  • Building with quality and integrity
  • Locally owned and operated as a family business
  • Community focused

We think about the PNW customer when we design our homes. Whether that be ensuring natural light to brighten your home during the dark and gray days of fall and winter or incorporating the use of indoor and outdoor features that allow homeowners to have their homes representative of their outdoor lifestyle.

“I love creating things. Just the fact that you can walk out and look at a piece of land and envision a home on that land and a family living there… that is exciting.” – Charlie Conner, Founder of Conner Homes

Local means something to us. Our goals are aligned with the communities we build because we’re a local company and have an interest in improving our greater community for all the people who live here. Quality, consistency, and sustainability: that's what we stand for at Conner Homes.

We believe in elevating those around us, which is why we partner with other local businesses such as Chef John Howie’s restaurants and non-profits like Washington Women in Need to make our community stronger as a whole.

“I am not focused on growth for growth’s sake. I am focused on building a quality, sustainable product consistent with our brand.” - Michael Lorenz, President of Conner Homes

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“When people think of Conner Homes they think of a long-term company, local, providing a great home. I’m always striving to get better at what I do and I promote that within the team here and I think that we’ve been very successful.” – Charlie Conner

With a strong history we’re excited to continue serving the Pacific Northwest customer for a strong future.