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5 Tips on How to be Productive in Your Home Office

As we are adjusting to our new normal, we’ve found that working from home has its definite benefits and drawbacks. Take a look at our productivity list to restart your work from home schedule with an added spring in your step.

1. Create a dedicated workspace that is inspiring but not cluttered.

We love all the Instagrammable workspaces that feel so cute, but are they practical? Keep your workspace clear of distractions and you’ll be sure to find more things have been checked off your to-do list.

2. Set a schedule of work hours every day.

Keeping a routine will not only help your co-workers who are in contact with you throughout the day but will help you maintain better lifestyle balance for when you are off duty.

3. Establish work hours with your family.

It can be tricky to stay on task when you have several people in the house, especially when you have little kids, but hang a sign on your office door, or simply on your desk to let your family know when it’s not a good time to interrupt. Might feel silly, but it works.

4. Fuel yourself well.

Working and living so close to the fridge has produced a lot of extended snacking hours for some of us. Be sure to have three balanced meals a day with food that will sustain your energy for longer. Some of our favorites: fish, nuts, blueberries, and broccoli.

5. Take breaks.

Yes, it’s easier said than done, but taking breaks is actually scientifically proven to help your long-term work output increase, not to mention it’s good for your mind to unplug. Schedule breaks into your outlook calendar so you get a friendly reminder.

Here are some of our favorite office spaces in our model homes!

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