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Community Spotlight: Hudson in Woodinville

Woodinville. It is a town near Seattle that you may have your eye on.

What makes this neighborhood stand out among the rest? Here are some of the pros of living in this area.

Easy Road Access

If you are living in a suburban area, one thing that you are probably going to want is easy access to a major highway. Well, if you live in Hudson, that is provided for you.

In this area, you get easy access to I-405. With this being one of the busiest roads in the area, it can definitely get you from point A to point B in the local area.

Some examples of this include having easy access to the city of Seattle, being on the way to national parks such as Olympic National Park and Mt. Rainier National Park, plus on the way to other cities such as Tacoma.

No matter what your desire is, I-405 is likely to get you there in the western half of Washington.

Good Public Education

Assuming that you are a family or want to have a family in the future, one thing that you are going to be thinking heavily about in that department is how good the school district is in your area. Well, if you are living in Woodinville, WA, that should not be a concern for you.

The reason for this is that Woodinville is part of the Northshore School District. That means that at minimum, you are getting access to some of the best public school teachers in Washington.

The Northshore School District has an A+ rating according to Niche. That is the highest grade that you can get, and the district's rankings certainly back this up.

Northshore has the third-highest-ranked teachers in the state of Washington out of 254 districts. It is also ranked the fifth-best school district in the state and it is ranked the sixth-best place to teach in the state.

In other words, if your kids or future kids live in this town, they are going to get some of the best public education that Washington has to offer.

Good Wineries

If you are someone that enjoys a glass of wine on occasion, then Hudson is the perfect place to live. That is because there are several quality wineries available within a short distance of each other in Woodinville.

There are about 10-15 wineries and cellars within a block of each other in this city. Some of the more notable ones include the Mark Ryan Winery, Lachini Tasting Room, Airfield Estates, Milbrandt Vineyards, and more.

The point is that if you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, then you should not be concerned about finding a good winery in your area.

Near a Big City

Are you someone that wants the perks of living near a big city but wants the home space of a suburb? If so, that can be one of the amenities that Hudson provides for you.

The reason is that this neighborhood is located less than 30 minutes from Seattle. So, if you wanted to take a day trip into the city, you could just go ahead and do so in the spur of the moment. As a reward, you get to come back to your great home instead of a small apartment in the city.

Do you want to get some seafood at Pike Place? Do you want to go to a Seattle Seahawks or Seattle Kraken game? How about going up to the observatory of the Space Needle?

If you ever feel any of these desires, they are all still just a short drive away from your home.

Near National Parks

While these may not be as close as the city of Seattle, they are still a simple drive from your home in Woodinville.

Are you someone that wants to go to as many national parks as possible? Are you someone that appreciates the great outdoors but likes the conveniences of a suburb?

If you answered yes to those questions, then Woodinville would be perfect for you. The reason for this is that there are three large national parks in the state of Washington.

Two of these parks are just over two hours by car away from Woodinville. Those two are Olympic National Park and Mt. Rainier National Park respectively.

You could easily spend days in each park and have some great camping and outdoor memories with this option. You can even try other outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, kayaking, snowshoeing, sledding, and more.

Let your imagination take over here and use these as a convenient escape to get away from it all.

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These are some of the things that you should know about the surrounding area of Hudson. The most important thing is that it has easy I-405 access, which gives you access to the western half of Washington.

Seattle is also nearby along with two beautiful national parks. If you want to stay local, you can check out the wineries that Woodinville has to offer and settle in here to provide your kids or future kids with a high-quality education.

Are you looking for new luxury homes in Woodinville? Come visit our Hudson community today.