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Earth Sense: Building a Sustainable Home

Cutting Edge Technology

As a pioneer of sustainable housing, Conner Homes introduced "Earth Sense" homes long before it became an industry buzz word. Sustainable home building is about more than just energy efficiency and savings. It is about being mindful of all materials and technology that are put into the homes. The integrity of the homes we build is thoughtfully designed to ensure every element is as environmentally-focused as possible.

Energy Efficient Features: reduce energy waste and increase savings with these home features

  • Low energy windows and sliding doors
  • Roof and crawlspace ventilation beyond code to provide better airflow which keeps excess heat out in the summer and moisture out in the winter
  • High-efficiency Energy Star appliances and furnaces
  • Compact fluorescent and LED lighting

Durability from the Outside In: high quality materials built to stand the test of time

  • Hardie Board siding and trim which are post-consumer recycled 100% fire and insect resistant
  • Double corner paper during siding which creates a better water-resistant barrier behind the siding.
  • Welded corner flashings for waterproofing where siding and roofing meet.
  • Foundations with added footings at the front porch.

The Environment: putting the earth first

  • Construction waste recycling
  • Engineered lumber packages
  • CRI Green Label carpeting
  • Low VOC paints
  • Whole house ventilation
  • Formaldehyde-free insulation

Smart Homes, Smart Living: because we know that smart is better

  • Smart thermostat
  • USB outlets
  • CAT-5 Ethernet wire
  • Smart electrical panel
  • Smart options: Deako smart lighting, electric vehicle outlet, smart garage door opener.

Water-Saving Features: conserving our precious resources

  • Water-saving showerheads, toilets, and kitchen and bath faucets

On top of that, the Conner Homes team has the experience. We’ve been dedicated to building sustainably for decades.

Our goal is to provide quality homes that people and the environment love.