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The Floorplan and Benefits of a Modern Rambler Home

Are you looking to buy a home? In your home search, are you typing rambler houses for sale in a search bar?

The rambler-style home is making a comeback -- if its popularity ever left. It’s classic architectural style has been a home tradition for many year. See some of the features and benefits:

What is a Rambler Home?

The rambler design is also known as a ranch-style home. It's usually a one-story home built in an L or U or square shape. The first rambler homes emerged in the 1920s to 1930s but gained popularity after WWII as families sought quiet suburban neighborhoods. The rambler got its name because of the way it sprawls across a larger lot as a "rambling man" wanders across long distances.

Rambler Floor Plan and Features and Benefits

  • The obvious primary benefit of a rambler is that it is all one – story, making it a popular choice for home buyers with toddlers or elderly family members.
  • You'll find rambler homes often have open floor plans with large windows on the front facing the street. The ceilings are often low and level but have elongated eaves. Some styles boast vaulted ceilings.
  • Sliding glass doors are a typical feature. The large windows and glass doors help to connect the homes with nature.
  • The floor plans are spacious and the living areas revolve around a central area.
  • A rambler will typically have 2-3 bedrooms; a 2-bedroom rambler will often have a 3rd room as a den or craft room.
  • Square footages are typically smaller – so they are priced lower than a large 2-story home.

Is a Rambler Plan right for you?

At Conner Homes, we have been building new homes and communities for over 60 years. We put careful attention to the design and construction of all of our homes. We have homes from Buckley to Snohomish; and Seattle to Kent. Our featured rambler plan is located in our Buckley neighborhood of Perkins Prairie. Contact us today for more information on rambler plans or all homes in the Seattle/Tacoma area.