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Top 5 Favorite Holiday Dessert Recipes

Are you getting ready for the holidays? Well, you'll want desserts that appeal to the whole family on hand. But, it can be difficult when you have a whole host of different ages and tastes.

Luckily, we can give you the advice you need.

Check out these top holiday dessert recipes you and your family will love.

1. Holiday Trifles

As long as you don't make the same mistake Rachel Green does in Friends, a trifle can be a delicious holiday dessert that your whole family will enjoy. And, it's pretty simple to accomplish.

You simply layer delicious foods. You'll start with a layer of either sponge cake or ladyfingers, depending on your preference. Then, add sugared fruit. The next layer will be whipped cream. Then, you simply repeat the process until your container is full.

2. Jelly Doughnuts

For a more multicultural holiday choice, try serving jelly doughnuts at your next holiday party. They're part of Hanukkah's holiday tradition! You can make your own, or to save some time, you can just pick some up from a local bakery.

If you're making your own, you should ideally have a deep fryer on hand. However, you can fry them in a frying pan if necessary. They do require plenty of oil, so if you're trying to stay healthy, you might want to look into a healthier version.

3. Gingerbread Cookies

You can never go wrong with cookies. They're a huge hit for people of any age. But what types of cookies should you bake?

Gingerbread cookies are holiday appropriate without requiring you to commit to building a gingerbread house. You'll need butter, brown sugar, molasses, and plenty of ginger. You may want to experiment with different varieties to get softer or harder cookies.

4. Sugar Cookies

Another cookie variety you can try out for the holidays is sugar cookies. They're one of the simplest options to make, and they can be decorated in a bunch of different ways to fit the season.

And, if you have cookie cutters, you can even cut them out into festive shapes!

5. Your Pie of Choice

You can't go wrong when baking a pie for the holidays. They're classic for a reason - almost everyone likes pie!

You can choose a holiday classic, put your own twist on it, or try something totally out of the box. Some common pies used for the holiday season include apple, pecan, chocolate pecan, or cranberry.

But don't be afraid to try something a little less common. Butterscotch pie, for example, is still completely suitable for the holiday season and less commonly eaten - so you won't risk your guests (or your children) being bored. Just make sure your decor suits the season, too!

Try Out These Holiday Dessert Recipes Today

These holiday dessert recipes are just the tip of the iceberg. You can keep looking around until you find recipes that suit your family's needs.

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