Top 7 Pumpkin Patches in Washington

Pumpkin patches are a delightful tradition enjoyed by people of all ages, a yearly festivity that families eagerly await. Among the plethora of options available, we've curated a list of the top seven pumpkin patches near our communities. These farms offer not only the chance to pluck the perfect pumpkin, but also a rich array of activities that transcend the simple act of pumpkin picking. Each location presents a unique and unforgettable experience, making them ideal for autumn enthusiasts.

1. Maris Farms - Buckley

Nestled in the heart of Buckley, a stone's throw away from Perkins Prairie, Maris Farms stands as a true gem. As a beloved destination for countless Washingtonians and their families, it effortlessly earns its spot in our top seven. Maris Farms creates an atmosphere brimming with excitement and joy, featuring the quintessential pumpkin patch while expanding its play area to ensure children have ample space for frolic and fun. For those who seek thrills, the farm offers an exhilarating Haunted Woods experience, inviting visitors for a spine-tingling stroll through the woods.

2. Spooner Family Farms – Puyallup

A mere thirty-minute drive from Buckley to Puyallup, Spooner Family Farms holds a cherished place as a fall tradition passed down through generations. This farm guarantees cherished memories for the entire family. From delectable caramel popcorn and apples to hearty roasted corn, they cater to every sweet tooth and appetite. Unique to Spooner Family Farms is its Speedway, the sole pumpkin patch with this offering. So, for those eager to rev up their excitement, the Speedway promises a thrilling adventure.

3. Carpinitos Brothers Farm – Kent

With a longstanding presence in the Kent area for over forty years, Carpinitos Brothers Farm has become a seasonal staple among Kent locals. Beyond the bounty of pumpkins and an intricate corn maze, this farm presents a range of enjoyable activities for families. Engage in duck races, where rubber ducks dash down water tracks, or immerse yourself in the farm life by visiting an array of farm animals and strolling through the goat walk.

4. Thomasson Family Farm – Enumclaw

In the quaint town of Enumclaw, Thomasson Family Farm is a beacon of community connection through farming. Situated just a short drive from Latham residence, this farm provides an authentic farm experience for families. With offerings catering to all ages, children can indulge their creativity in the chalk house or seek thrills through the Jr. zipline. From lively laser tag to perusing farm delicacies and rustic decor, wrapping up the day at Thomasson Family Farm promises satisfaction.

5. JB Family Farm – Woodinville

Located a brief drive south of Brasswood in Snohomish, JB Family Farm is an ideal option for those willing to venture a short distance. Alongside an expansive pumpkin patch, the farm boasts not one, but three corn maze trails. If getting lost in a sea of corn defines your ideal pumpkin patch outing, this is the place for you. Moreover, JB Family Farm offers affordability, as pumpkin shopping comes at no cost, and a diverse selection of lavender products. Furry companions are welcome, provided they're leashed.

6. Stocker Farm – Snohomish

Stocker Family Farms has set the bar for fall festivities in Snohomish, boasting over thirty captivating and distinct attractions suitable for the entire family. Their nighttime attractions set them apart, providing a haven for thrill-seekers. Branded as Stalker Farms, they offer a spectrum of spooky activities, from haunted walk-throughs to encounters with their eerie family members. For a shot of adrenaline, brave the corn maze to evade the wendigourd, or test your aim at the toxic blasters against menacing killer clowns.

7. Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Patch – Snohomish

Residing in Snohomish near Brasswood, Bob's Corn and Pumpkin Patch enjoys the privilege of being surrounded by picturesque farmland. This abundance opens the door to countless pumpkin patch options and lasting memories. Amid the diverse fall festivities, Bob's Corn introduces unique experiences of gem mining. With various bag sizes available, you can sift and uncover gems to take home, a distinct touch to your pumpkin patch adventure.

With an array of remarkable pumpkin patches to choose from, we trust that this compilation of our top seven picks will pave the way for enduring memories with your loved ones. There are several perks to owning a brand new home, and fun family activities are one of them.