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Garden Corner: The Importance of Native Plants & How to Care for Them

Did you know that Washington State has over 2,300 native plant species1? Native plants are both important for our local environment and beneficial additions to your garden. They adapted to our climate of wet winters and dry summers and require less water than non-natives once they are established. Native plants also resist native pests and diseases better than nonnatives. And lastly, food and pollination opportunities for native wildlife save resources and encourage a sense of stewardship.

Discover Washington Native Plants:

Help our ecosystem by adding some native plants to your garden. Don’t know where to go? Check out this list of ALL Washington State native plant nurseries.

Want to discover your next favorite native plant? Learn more with these extensive educational materials at WNPS Native Plant Directory or Real Gardens Grow Natives and discover everything you need to know! Some examples of beautiful plants full of color are the Western Wallflower, the Red Flowering Currant, and the Oregon Grape.

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Plant Care Tips:

The searing temperatures of summer often catch gardeners by surprise, causing struggling transplants to wilt just when they should be starting their summer growth spurt. Even well-established garden plants and landscape shrubs can be set back during a heat wave.

Heat waves, droughts, and other forms of extreme weather can have a taxing effect on your plants. Educate yourself on the best practices for caring for your plants by talking to an expert at a nursery. 

Guidelines for a Healthy Garden:

  1. Be sure to water regularly but resist the urge to overwater. In most cases, watering early in the morning before the heat kicks in is the ideal time for your plant to absorb H2O.
  2. Provide shade when necessary; shade cloths can be extremely useful if you’re noticing your plant is getting overstressed from the sun.
  3. Promote overall good plant health with organic inputs in the soil. Mulching your garden is very helpful to beat the heat.

We love seeing beautiful gardens in our neighborhoods, we can’t wait to see what you plant. Happy gardening! 

1: source WNPS